Dragons, Hobbits & Center Pivots

Water glistened in the sunlight creating tiny little rainbows across the farmer’s field. Birds were flying in the sky. The air was crisp and fresh. It was a very peaceful scene and the woman was thankful for the agricultural sights that made the Western Nebraska drive pleasant.

All of a sudden the grinding of machinery broke into her peaceful revelry.

What’s this?!

In a nearby field, a center pivot was reversing direction and speeding up! She watched in horror as the enormous sprinkler changed its direction, and began hurtling across the field the wrong way toward other machinery and equipment in its path. She had a fleeting vision of a long silver dragon with its mouth wide open barreling down upon the innocent defenseless villagers. (Yes, she had a flair for the dramatic, and had just watched the new Hobbit movie!) But what happened next was no less horrific than what the villagers and all those movies experience as the dragon breathes fire down on their houses…

Crash! RRR! Scrrreeetch! The pivot finally came to a halt but not before entwining itself in another pivot in the next field over.

This story may sound as outlandish and fantastical as a dragon flying over villages. Unfortunately, however, this is no fairytale. It actually happened. The farm machinery did malfunction, damaging not only that pivot but the neighbor’s property as well. Would you be protected if a piece of your equipment damage something belonging to your neighbor?

Our knowledgeable agents at the The Writer Agency, LLC can help you obtain the proper coverage so you can answer “yes” to that question. Call 308-436-4202 or email Katie@InsuranceByKatie.com 


  1. I have read the whole story, I agree this isn't just happening in fairy tales what I mean is the situation. If you have insurance in your company this may not be difficult to solve since you are assured that whatever happens you are under the insurance and whatever insurance you got it can pay the damage for you. This is why Insurance is very important not just to the company but to its worker.

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