Deer in the Headlights (or Window as the Case May Be)

Cruise control….Check!
Awesome tunes on the satellite radio…Check!
Satisfied that the pre-trip checklist had been adequately completed, the woman pulled onto the highway and prepared to enjoy the rest of her trip. It was a gorgeous day, dry roads, very little wind and not too much traffic. After several hours, she’d settled into a groove and was cruising right along, belting out the chorus of Bob Seger’s “Turn The Page”…..Here I am….on the road again…. when all of a sudden,

The woman blinked. No way! That didn’t just happen! She had been attacked by a sideswiping deer who had nerve enough to rub its lips clear across her driver side window, steal her mirror, and then run away. So NOT cool!
Have you ever been the victim of an overzealous deer?
It’s certainly a frightening experience and one that our knowledgeable insurance agents at The Writer Agency, LLC can help you with. We can begin by working with you to select the proper Comprehensive (Other Than Collicion) insurance coverage to repair your vehicle after this type of damage. And we can help take the “scary” out of the situation as we walk along with you through the process of filing your claim. We can even help you get back your stolen mirror! 
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Have you ever had a deer attack you? We’d love to hear about it!

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