Bugs, Dust, and Flat Screen TV’s

Rrrrrrrrraawwwwwrr!  Rummmmmbbble! Rattle.  Clank!

Aaaaachooo!  Sniffle. Sniffle.

Buzzzzz.  Buzzzzz. Slap!

The woman squinted into the sun that was already streaming in as she rolled over in bed and looked at her watch. 5:07 AM. Seriously? 5:07 AM, on VACATION for Pete’s sake? And then she remembered. This was NOT a vacation in a 5 star hotel (not that she had been to a 5 star hotel but a girl could dream!). No, this was a CAMPING vacation.

A camping vacation complete with trains that rattled and roared past the campground all day and night. Complete with dust and allergies, itchy eyes and runny noses. Not to mention the bugs. Creepy crawly bugs and biting bugs and bugs that buzzed all night long just out of reach of the swatter!

What could possibly make this woman want to endure these horrors?  Oh yes…..she smiled as she remembered:   being able to spend time quality with her family playing games, swimming in the lake, hiking, and enjoying nature in general. (And the S’mores were not too shabby either!).

Summer is a time for camping and all things “outdoors-y” but it is not a time to go unprotected. While you are slathering on the sun screen and bug repellent, don’t forget to check your insurance coverages as well.

If you are a a back packer and/or tent camper, the personal belongings you take with you should be protected from loss because most homeowners and renters policies provide coverage any where in the world by extending between 10% and 100% of your contents policy limit to property away from your residence.

If you have a camper trailer or a motorized recreational vehicle, your personal belongings (the “stuff” you take along with you) are protected in the same way as listed above. However, having proper protection on the trailer or recreational vehicle is another story. Is it a vehicle? Is it a residence? Actually it is both – a vehicle when it is moving and a residence when it is parked. As such, special insurance should be secured that provides automobile liability to meet state motor vehicle laws and physical damage coverage on the trailer as an option. You will also want to make sure you have liability coverage while the vehicle is parked and used as a temporary residence in the event you are legally liable for injuries to someone or damage to someone else’s property.

Other specialized coverages for your travel trailer or motor home include Emergency Road Assistance to get your unit to a repair shop should it break down. Additional Living Expenses are also important as this pays for temporary housing, such as a hotel, and travel expenses so you can return home in the event your motor home is unable to be used for these purposes. Lastly, all the furniture and fixtures within the trailer or motor home should be inventoried to ensure they are insured sufficiently. After all, camping just would not be camping without your flat screen TV, DVD player and a few movies, right?

Before you take off for your own summer camping excursion, call or click to contact the knowledgeable agents at The Writer Agency, LLC:  308-436-4202 or www.insurance-by-katie.com .  We would be happy to discuss your unique situation and design an insurance protection program so that you can enjoy your vacation without worries (bug spray and ear plugs not included!)

Where have you vacationed lately?  Share your camping/travel experiences with us!

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