The Grizzly Bear That Ate My Car

Does my automobile insurance cover Grizzly Bears?

A man in Waterton National Park in Canada asked this question recently about his 18 month old Toyota Sequoia. (pictured here) 

There were no scratches on the outside of his car, but the vehicle was totaled. A grizzly bear had somehow got a door open (easy considering the way the handles are) and once inside, apparently was trapped when the door shut behind him.

The Toyota was a platinum edition. (Keyword – WAS) All the door panels were ripped off; the headliner torn to pieces; all headrests were destroyed; the leather seats and dash were shredded. The steering column was twisted sideways. Two of the six airbags were deployed and the other four were ripped to pieces. (You can imagine a trapped grizzly being hit with an airbag in an enclosed space! He must have figured he was in for the fight of his life …and by the looks of this car, he won the fight.)

When the bear ripped off the door panels he also clawed all the wiring harnesses out. Toyota figures every wire he pulled or clawed resulted in alarm bells, voices or sparks.

The head mechanic at Calgary Toyota doubted if they had the expertise to put this vehicle back together, even if they had enough parts to do it.

And, to add insult to injury, the bear left a final “gift” in the back of the SUV (the experience literally scared the poop right out of him) ….and then he broke out the rear window.

Fish and wildlife officers have inspected the damage and figure it was a three year old Grizzly Bear.

So again we ask – does my automobile insurance cover Grizzly Bear?  

The answer is YES!

The vehicle was totaled by the insurance company. The cost new was over $70,000, and they stopped counting repair costs at $60,000+.

With all the strange things that life throws at us, it makes sense to be sure you are properly protected. Our agents at The Writer Agency, LLC can help give you peace of mind knowing you are protected against damages to your vehicle – even damage caused by a teddy bear!  Call 308-436-4202 or click

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  1. What a crazy story! I would like to have heard the insurance agent's reaction to the claim. The photos depict the case very well, poor bear! Curiosity killed the car 🙂

  2. A grizzly bear did all that damage? That’s unbelievable! I can’t imagine that the beautiful interior of that Toyota Sequoia can be ruined like that. Anyway, at least nobody was hurt during that time. Also, good thing the owner had insurance. But if the repair expenses prove too costly, maybe it’s more practical to opt for a used vehicle than BEAR (pun intended) with those fees.

  3. Oh, poor Toyota Sequoia! I think there’s still hope for this case, though. Car insurance has a coverage called Comprehensive or Other-Than-Collision (OTC) coverage. This type of coverage is mostly recommended for luxurious cars or for people who live in towns with lots of animals roaming around and/or are commonplace for natural disasters.

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