Levitated Lavatory Lamentations

The woman had successfully stuffed a week’s worth of clothing, plus all the gifts and trinkets she had purchased while on vacation, into her carry-on bag.  She now awaited security with baited breath… Would she be among the “lucky” souls to win the “Meticulous-Take-Everything-Out-Of-Your-Bag-So-It-Won’t-Fit-Back-In” Lottery? Or perhaps today she would hit the jackpot and be selected for the “Full-Body-Cavity-Search-Extravaganza”! One could only hope….

With fingers crossed and breath held in joyous anticipation, she inched closer to the unsmiling uniformed TSA officer. He stood with arms crossed and brow furrowed,  appearing as if at any moment he would utter Gandolf’s commanding cry, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”.  Quickly, she performed a mental inventory:  Proper sized carry-on bag … Check.  All liquids under 3 ounces in one zip-locked baggie, out and ready for inspection … Check.  All electronics and metal removed for inquiring minds who want to know … Check. Shoes off … Check.  (Socks ON, of course, because who wants to walk all over where other naked-footed passengers have trod…yuk!) 

The woman watched as her belongings were propelled like a herd of turtles through the X-ray machine. She took a tentative step forward and waited for the inevitable shrieking of the security detector to alert the intimidating officer (and the rest of the concourse) that she had committed an offense that must be akin to Al Capone or Jack the Ripper.  (If it were not such a heinous crime,  why else would that machine scream so loudly?)

But wait… What’s this? No alarm was sounding, no Orcs were being turned loose from Mordor, no  captain of the guard was being summoned. She was waived on through without a second glance. Success!! 

As she reached her gate, the perky, twenty-something clerk announced that the plane had landed and boarding would begin as soon as the arriving passengers had debarked.   The woman smiled to herself at her good fortune as the gate clerk came across the intercom moments later, her lilting voice proclaiming:  “Ladies  and gentleman, there will be a slight delay in boarding….A passenger threw up in the lavatory of the plane and we need to get it cleaned up.”


Hopefully your travels go smoother, with less “upset” than my recent excursion, but if not, at least you can rest easier knowing your homeowners/renters insurance protects your personal belongings anywhere in the world (at home, abroad, and anywhere in-between, including airplane lavatories). 

So plan that romantic dream vacation or fun-filled family trip with no worries (at least with respect to your personal possessions). Get answers to all your insurance questions before you travel, such as: Am I covered if I rent a car? What about renting a jet ski or golf cart? How do I protect my expensive camera or that “must have” piece of jewelry I buy while on vacation? 

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Safe travels and may all lavatories greet you with a ” vacant” sign.  

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