The Sneeches…and other Craziness

After the hail storms of 2010, which ironically tracked me down and beat on my vehicle while I was out of town, caused the insurance company to total my vehicle I pondered one of life’s most important questions: what kind of car am I?

The decision making and car purchase process can deteriorate into a situation faced by the Sneeches: running in and out chaining my mind until I’m so confused that I can’t hardly remember what kind of car I had let alone what I want to buy!

So ~ How does one go about deciding…why, you post the question on Facebook and ask for suggestions, of course!

Unfortunately that worked too well and EVERYONE was more than happy to answer my question….but there was no consensus! No obvious majority…. I still had no answers.

As it turns out, there is apparently no one right answer… No one-size-fits-all vehicle…no matter which vehicle you choose, you have chosen it for a specific reason and are willing to defend that decision–sometimes rather vehemently! (As the Facebook postings demonstrated!)

The same can be said for insurance. Each individual person and/or business presents a unique set of exposures and needs which require a specialized insurance protection plan. At The Writer Agency LLC, our knowledgeable agents are trained to help you tailor a plan to help you “put a star upon yars ” or not if that’s the way you want it!

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By the way, I got a 2010 Ford Escape and I LOVE it! What kind of car do you drive and why do you love/hate it?

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