Geez Jeanie, We’re in France!

Once upon a time, in the dark ages before GPS devices, a young married couple sit in the backseat of a motorhome/camper, her parents occupy the front. They’ve embarked on a vacation of a lifetime with The Dad is driving on the German Autobahn and The Mom is navigating. Armed with her trusty paper road map, The Mom is attempting to detour around the large town of Karlsruhe, Germany because The Dad is concerned about impending rush hour traffic.

“Take a right!”, The Mom announces, confident she has succeeded in avoiding rush hour. Mom smiles, reveling in her superior navigational skills. The joy of the moment is suddenly interrupted by a bellow from The Dad, “Jeanie, the sign have changed …. Geez, Jeanie we’re in France!”  The Mom looks forlornly out the window at the road signs which are no longer in German, they are in French!

The young couple in the backseat struggle to comprehend why this is such a heinous crime but are afraid to laugh. (They learn later that they have no French money and some of the roads are toll roads….which is apparently a bad thing!)

The sound of flailing paper resounds from the front seat as The Mom battles the map and exclaims, “France? France! How can we be in France?!!!” (Note: The country boundary line in this map has been manually enhanced…the boundary line on the map used on the trip was NOT this vivid!)  

In the meantime, The Mom pulls herself together and directs, in another confident voice, “Turn Left!” This brilliant move has now placed them in a line of vehicles — a line of vehicle waiting to board a ferry to cross the Rhine River back into Germany!

Expletives fly from The Dad who is, for some reason, very concerned about taking the camper they are driving onto the very small ferry. (This is not at all like the big, fancy ferry’s in New York City!) But there is no way to get out of the line and now the man up front is waving the camper forward. You’ve GOT to be kidding!

The Dad slowly inches onto the ferry along with a small delivery truck and a number of people on foot or with their bicycles. The ferry begins to pull away from the shore and the camper passengers discover it is an “old fashioned” guy-wire and pulley system that uses the current of the river for propulsion. The Dad’s scientific mind is elated – this is fascinating! Almost the best part of the whole trip!

The Mom is forgiven!

Is the above story true? You betcha! It was amazing and we didn’t sink but it could have just as easily turned into a fiasco.

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