Keep the “Trick” out of Halloween

Did your parents ever tell you that you could be whatever you wanted to be when you grew up? Mine did, and at Halloween it is definitely true!

But along with this ability to play dress-up comes increased risk: increased amount of traffic on your property, which increases the chance of someone becoming hurt or your home being damaged. In order to have a claim-free, “trick-less” Halloween, keep these tips in mind:

• When preparing for trick-or-treaters, make sure your yard and front door are as well lit as they can possibly be and ensure that you have a clutter free path. This will help prevent injury while children are entering and leaving your property throughout the night.

• Be very careful with candles around Halloween. A candle-filled pumpkin illuminating the porch is a common tradition, but in order to keep your home from catching on fire, be sure to extinguish these flames when you leave or go to bed and keep them out of the way so they do not get kicked over, causing injury or other damage.

• If you are having a Halloween party, try to keep the festivities as controlled as possible and keep your pets out of the way if you can. The last thing you want is your dog biting someone and having to file a homeowners insurance claim in the middle of your party!

If you are like me, you thoroughly enjoy Halloween, but it’s important to practice Halloween safety. That way you get more “treat” than “trick”! Call our agents at The Writer Agency, LLC and let us “treat” you to an insurance coverage review and take the “trick” out of your exposures: 308-436-4202. Or click: to read our latest newsletter with more insurance and Halloween safety tips.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

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