When your Wheels Fall Off…and other Weirdness

Picture this: The local high school needs vehicles for auto shop class for the students to work on. Out of the goodness of your heart, you take your vehicle in to the shop to have your brakes worked on. “Children are our future” you know! A little while later, you pick up your vehicle because the repairs are complete. You drive home. By the way, your lug nuts have been over tightened and broken. You turn a corner…….your wheel falls off!

While this anecdote sounds humorous, it is a true story. An acquaintance of mine just experienced this. Thankfully no one was injured but the vehicle sustained substantial damage and she is now without a vehicle until these new repairs can be made.

1) Who pays for the repairs?

2) Who would have been at fault and would have paid if she had injured someone during the accident?

3) Who pays for alternative transportation so she can continue to go to work?

4) Will her insurance rates go up because of this accident?

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